BC, I rarely went to the doctor. Things always had a way of working themselves. Nagging coughs eventually went away. Funny neck pains and head aches would slowly ease off with a massage or a hot pack. A cold was just a cold. Now I continually question myself. Is this pain in my shoulder just a muscle strain? Of course it is, my rational brain tells me. It only hurts with certain movements. Is this funny pain in my side just a bit of a cramp? Of course it is. You had it before you had cancer and the CT scans have indicated a small hernia. It's probably that. Nothing to worry about. But I have caved in to the irrational side of my brain and made an appointment with my GP. Neither of us have the time to waste on irrelevencies but perhaps it may make the questions go qaway until the next time. More collateral damage. Take care all, Samex
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