today mum went and had a heart scan done, i think it went well and all was ok, i then took her to the oncolgy unit to find out when they would be starting the chemo, they are still unsure as they are still waiting on results to be able to start from canberra, its so frustrating, she just wants to start fighting and i feel this really let her down, it let me down, i want to see her stepping forward in this process and the start for us is to do the chemo!! why does it take so god dam long to get it all going?? i am feeling really low today and just want this all to go away and end! i love being here with my mum the thought of having to go home is really hard i really dont want to leave!!
hey there its so hard when you see someone you love go through this.. i get angry to watching my boyfriend fight then something shitty happens to him and it just makes me think what more can happen? and i get really angry! it all takes time and you just got to try and breath through it all... it must be hard to have to leave your mum.. how long do you have with her?
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The waiting game! There always seems to be that difficult time waiting for surgery or treatment with chemo or radiation during cancer. Many go through it so we understand your frustration.I recall during my 2 months between diagnosis and surgery feeling fear and anxiety and just wanting things to start. I hope it's soon for your mum.
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thankyou guys, i live 5hours away from mum and have been travelling back and fourth since this started my boss has been fantastic but work is just no concern to me at all, i would hate myself being at work and not being here its not what i want, but then its not about me is it!! we just had the call to say that chemo is starting on tues at 10am, im scared nervous and worried but she is happy that treatment is now going to starting and she can fight this. i just hope she gets out of it some comfort too. i feel very low and i know that she is going through this and it is her fight, but i feel really lost and unsure of where to go and what to do!!! i just want to be with her x
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