Hi everyone, not so long ago I posted a blog called "The Future". Well to update this I just want everyone to give thanks to their oncologists who have studied so hard and work so hard to try and help or save every patient who walks in their door. A few months ago my future was looking really good, I had a cat scan last week and the results of that scan in comparison to the scan I had 3 months prior are bloody great. 3 months ago the tumor in my pancreas (inoperable) measured approx 28mm x 25mm and last week it measured 21mm x 18mm and I have only been on back up chemo for the last 3 months. Not only has my tumor shrunk so much and just on back up chemo but the scan which covered from my chest down to my pelvic region showed everything is clear. My oncologist is just about as happy as I am. We all go through various side effects with chemo but believe me every single horrifying side effect has been well worth it. One thing I would like anyone that is suffering or starting to suffer with Peripheral neuropathy, try an acupuncturist. I had just gotten over the edema when the legs and feet started to hurt and just got worse. I tried a physio session but then just did a google search on PN and rang a few acupuncturists. My acupuncturist actually trained in China and has also treated diabetic patients with PN at one our major hospitals in Perth. After 6 weekly visits I am now down to fortnightly visits and can now walk and get around with about 1/4 of the pain I had prior. I am now at the stage that although I still have some discomfort in my calves the main numbness, pins and needles and heaviness is situated within my toes. For those that are trying out different painkillers for PN and for those that I have been in contact with regarding PN, Lyrica seems to be the all go but for me I found that even on the lowest dose I was just sleepy all the time and even though the diarrhea I get through chem is annoying Lyrica just makes it worse. I stopped Lyrica and just went back onto Oxynorm which is what I was put on when the first cancer pains started. It works and it doesn't have any side effects and I am now only on 1x10mg tablet a day ( 2 if I have a bad day). My oncologist is happy and so am I. In fact I thought I would be making 5years now I am aiming for at least 12 but I just had a friend say to me why settle for 12 why not aim for 20. So I say thank you to my oncologist and for everything he has done for me and the way he has worked for and with me for without him I wouldn't be writing this to all of you.
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