Hi my dad has oesophagous cancer and has been on morphein patches and endocodin tabs for pain releif last 2 month and now GP has stoppedmorphein due to breathing problems and has given him patches to help with breathing plus endocodin. Talking to him tonight he sounded drunk and slurring words (even though he doesn't drink) I really don't understand what is going on as he won't give me permission to speak to his drs. I really can't understand why they have changed patches and he can't say either!!
Hi Chris, I was on the patches for 3 months, they do that to start with and then it settles as the body gets used to them. They may have given a higher dose than he is used to. It will control the pain a lot betteras they slowly get absorbed into the body over three days then the patch gets changed.Hopefully they will work soon. Hang in there, all the best.
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Hi there. Thanks for that and he has sounded a lot better since that night. But these patches are not morphein - he said GP said they will help his breathing and he puts one on in the morning and then takes it off at night. I really don't understand. Yeah I am trying my hardest to hang in there but it is so hard.
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Hi there Chris, I hope things have settled down a bit with the patches. I had them for about 2 months where i'd have to put a new one on after 3 days. I didn't seem to have a problem with them except at one point they didn't seem to be doing any good in alleviating the pain so the doctors changed them to a higher dosage & i was also having oral pain killers at the same time. As vinouche said they may have given him a higher dose than he needed or was used to & that could've caused his reaction? Given a bit of time it should all settle down for him & i know how it must be so hard for you but you'll get there...good luck :) Mez 😉
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