i thought things were going really well for us lately but now i know i was just living in a little world of my own. my sister who has beat breast cancer twice has just been diagnosed with mesothelioma and has the biggest battle on her hands. they have given her two option, 1. 3 months of chemo, then operate, then 3 months of chemo again. but then they tell her she may not make it through the op. option 2 is 6 months of chemo then operate. she left the doctors and booked a trip to Bali for her and her husband. as she said, what more can she do. this poor girl has been to hell and back for year and now they thro this at her. then tonight we go out and catch up with friends and one of them asks can they come and visit us tomorrow as they need to talk to me. silly me says...'good i am ready for a good drink'...she says 'Linda i had a mammy last week and they found something wrong. i have to go for a biopsy next week'........ i walked out side and burst into tears so we came home. this has made me so scared as i have my first appointment since having radiation 3 months ago on March 18. i feel so F*****g down at the moment and so angry with the world. why, why. why........... is this happening. are these things sent to try us or what. what am i going to say to my sister, what am i going to say to my friend when she comes tomorrow. at the moment i DONT like the world i live in. Linda
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