hey all.. havent been on here in a while... my lovely boyfriend got diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer a bit over a year ago... had had chemo and radio (both worked well) then the big op to remove his bowel tumor.. which resulted in him having a colostomy bag... he then had an op to remove his liver mets.. i think there were two.. that worked and no evidence of the disease anywhere else... next was the lungs.. the right lung had disease but after chemo it wasnt seen on a scan... so they did his left lung and removed two mets... they took out a lymph node which was suspicious but there was no cancer in that... now when he went for his 3 monthly scan there was 3 visable spots on his right lung... so back in to hospital he goes! its just so draining watching him going through all of this.. we just want to get on with our lives.. we're both young 23 and 24.. we want to settle down and he wants to go back to work.. but we cant with all this... now what are we supposed to do? shit ourselves everytime he has a scan? his oncologist says the cancer could pop up anywhere in the body because it was an agressive type... its not fair 😞 just when we think its over.. bam! you get hit with it again! finding it very hard.. we were doing so well.. although we knew he might have to go back in we just didnt want to think about it.. feeling very blue
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