hi everyone just wondering if anybodys left work on stress leave? my job is stressfull and i hate it but i cant get special benefits frm government coz im not married to my partner.. just feels like i need some time off but i cant afford to quit on the spot 😞
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Hi Maddie I went on stress/sick leave a few years ago from a job that was treating me really bad and bullying. My experience is that if you go see your GP and explain whats happening, they can give you certificates etc. I used up all my sick leave and then resigned in the end anyway. This way I got to use up my entitlements first. You are still getting paid while you go look elsewhere. Are you entitled to be recognised as a Defacto relationship? for government benefits, not sure how that works to do that though. most centrelink agencies have a social worker who may be able to advise you. Hope this helps. Cheers Vicki.
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im thinking of sticking it out until i just cant nare it anymore, although im on the verge! ppl at wrk arnt being very friendly i just need to get out!
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Hi Maddie, I understand your predicament. Have you been in your de facto relationship for 3 years? Is is state or commonwealth government? I have a colleague (from where I used to work) who has been fighting for a couple of years to get compensation and justice after going on leave due to stress of work pressures. Although she has proven that her manager and people from human resources have actually lied, it appears that she will not get any compensation at all. I worked for the commonwealth government for 38 years and was very cynical to all their supposed standards of looking after staff for the last 10-15 years. It looks great on paper, but in the real world it doesn't happen. Can you change from where you are to another area? Do you have counselling available at work? It depends on the energy that you have mentally, and I don't think that I would have had that kind of energy if needed when I was working. I was extremely lucky in that my colleagues were an extremely supportive lot. The other problem with Commonwealth employment is that you have to see one of their medical people in these situations and stress can be seen by some but not all. I agree with Vicki Anne in that if it gets too bad, use all sick leave and rec leave that you can and try and find another job. Hang in there. Let us know how you get on, craftyone
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Hi All, Further to the current discussion, CC community members may also be interested in reading the transcripts of two previous Live Chat Forums that focussed specifically on Centrelink, financial and work-place-related issues for those affected by cancer: http://www.cancervic.org.au/downloads/CISS_events/Money-Matters-transcript.pdf http://www.cancervic.org.au/downloads/CISS_events/Making-it-work-transcript.pdf Kind regards, The Admin Team
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