Since my last blog my husband is still in Hospital and the last few days it seems as though there is complication after complication. Yippee They are not serious just annoying for me but painful for him. I have learnt so much lately about hospitals. Even to the point where for my husband to come home the staff are going to teach me to give a basic injection to my Husband. Yucky. and now i am starting to look for aids for our home to make some things a little easier. We are lucky in that our house is only 1 level. I have been lucky these last two and a bit weeks My family have been a great support. My mum and Dad have taken time off and have moved in with me and our son to look after us both and before that my other family members have been helping out a lot. Work. With work i made the best decision when i had to return to work. I asked my boss to let the staff know that i did not want everyone coming up to me every day asking how my husband was. Because of that my work is kind of my normality and cancer free world. I get to hide there 2 times a week. Other then that life is what if fast becoming normal. Our son has learnt to walk. My inlasw are annoying and i love my husband more and more every day no matter what is happening.
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