Hospitals & COVID2019

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Hospitals & COVID2019

I had news a week os so ago, the NETs tumour in my pancreas has grown. It seems the MET in my liver is stable. The oncology team has booked me in for Dotatate & FDG PET scans this Wednesday & Thursday, 25th & 26th March. All good, no big deal there.


I live 90 minutes North of Sydney, where the scans are being done. Usually I would catch the very busy commuter train up & back. This time due to COVID, I’ll drive. 

My scans were originally booked for RNS public, as usual, but were subsequently moved to RNS Private. Less foot traffic, fewer people & I guess less chance of infection, I don’t really know.


The Point:       there isn’t any information, from what I have seen, on what people with chronic disease and low immune systems do to navigate transport, hospitals, medical clinics or even supermarkets safely.


I personally don’t have any of those concerns but, I did hear a woman tell another in ALDI yesterday, she was cancelling a doctors appointment, due to the Coronavirus.


By & large, the government is doing the best it can, in these strange & difficult times. I do think a little more information should be made available to agencies and media for better distribution to the public. Knowledge is power, or something like that!!!!????


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Re: Hospitals & COVID2019

Morning @Lindsay!


I wish you well with your scans ❤️ Please drive safely!


Cancer Council have put out some information here:


You can also download a PDF version, here, which is great to print out.


There's also some great information available at the NSW Cancer Institute


I will gather this all together today and make a new post, so it's all accessible to everyone 😊




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Re: Hospitals & COVID2019

Thank you Kate, to both.

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