I am very concerned about contracting COVID-19


I am very concerned about contracting COVID-19

I am presently going thru immunotherapy after getting non hodgkins lymphoma I am very worried about

getting COVID-19.


I have had only two sessions of Rixitimab which boost my immune system which I believe is only 80% effective.


Before getting lymphoma I got pneumonia and ended up in hospital after only three weeks with also a broken rib.  I had no way of getting well as my immune system was impaired, this is what worries me about the virus, but cant help worrying and getting anxious when I am in crowded area.  How do other people cope  with this and are other cancer patients affected as well  or just lymphoma as it is cancer of this lymphatic system.

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Re: I am very concerned about contracting COVID-19

Hi Debbiev,

It’s great that you’re thinking deeply about how to maximise your health and well-being. Being concerned - without panicking - about possible infection when in large groups is very good self-care! 

*A large group of people*

*close together*

*especially in a closed, indoor environment*

might not be the best for you right now. Are your friends and family understanding and respectful of the fact that you are immuno-suppressed? If so, they will hopefully be very understanding of you not attending some gatherings and/or asking people to maintain distance and wear masks around you. Due to COVID-19 at least people are a lot more aware now of the need to protect others, particularly those like you (and anyone with cancer) who has a compromised immune system.


Even though wearing a mask yourself in these situations won’t protect you from this or any other virus, it may decrease any viral load that you might take in ... and I find that when I’m wearing a mask and rockin’ my bald head in my small Tassie town, people give me a wide berth! 


it can be hard to ask other people to change their behaviours or be inconvenienced for us. Please stand strong for yourself. Imagine you’re your own best friend and you’re being a warrior woman to keep you safe. Just as I’m sure you would be a fiercely protective ally for any of your friends or family!!!


Blessings of strength, peace and good health to you, xo Laya

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