Advice on how to move on

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Advice on how to move on

I lost my beautiful father this month and I feel absolutely heartbroken its like a piece of me died with him and whilst I don't want him to be in any pain I miss him terribly. I have never experienced anything like this before and I understand it will take time but are there any tips on how to get through this (ie counselling) - I have a beautiful partner who is very supportive and a also family support but this is tumultuous at the best of times and right now I have no energy for the fights and just want to grieve dad. I am also back at work but feel like I have no energy for anything and I want to change this, as before he died I could balance long hours at work and caring for him with no issues, now all I want to do is sleep. Is this normal.
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Re: Advice on how to move on

Counselling is a great idea, even for a norse goddess. I have not been in your position but have read so much about the value of good counselling where grief is concerned. I think you already know the answer. Talk to someone face to face! They are skilled at being with you as you grieve. It will make a difference, I am sure. And it would not be normal if you felt any different. Go with it. It is real. H
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