Bowel Cancer - advice please


Re: Bowel Cancer - advice please

Hi Bev, As you know I haven't been on the site really since it changed over, so I've just been sifting through posts and came across this one on your mum. I'm Sorry, but Are you Serious! They can't do anything for 3 months, that's disgusting. Did they say what the blockage was? Did they end up doing something sooner? How is she now? Cheers Mihalo
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Re: Bowel Cancer - advice please

Hello again, Sorry, have had other things on my mind, and not checking on the forum as much as I used to. I am going into hospital on Tuesday for a right knee replacement. Mum is still the same, except last week she rang and was so excited. Self medicating, she gave herself 3 coloxyl some prunes and some stone fruit one night. Well, 2:30 in the morning she was taking herself off to the toilet. Success. As Mum says the best "shit" she has had in ages. The doctors still reckon (or so Mum says) that there is nothing they can do for her. Mum doesn't want any medical procedure done really as she has been told (again what she has told me), that the doctor reckons she could bleed to death. What do you do? Mum doesn't live close to us (almost an hour and a half away). Sometimes and this might seem cruel I kinda think that she doesn't get the whole story from the doctor. I also think sometimes that she has just given up on life, she told me last night that she has had a good life, a lovely daughter (that's me), 5 lovely grandchildren (3 of them are mine) and 5 great grandchildren (they are all my grandchildren). All she wants to do is meet up with my dad again. Dad passed away with bowel cancer 18 years ago. Sorry, does this sound confusing? Anyhow, hope everyone is well. Be back in contact in a few week's time.
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