Now what?

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Now what?

I posted here a few weeks ago, telling of my sister in England who had lung cancer. I visited her in October with my son. It was a very meaningful visit. I returned on 4th January alone. She had deteriorated rapidly and was in hospital. She died on the 18th January. Her funeral was on 23 January - exactly a week ago. I returned to Australia last Tuesday. Everything is too hard to grasp. This time last week I was at her funeral in England in the freezing cold, surrounded by family members. Now I am alone, in Australia, and in a heat wave. My children who rang me everyday while I was in England are now nowhere to be seen, busy with their lives. I have been alone since Tuesday. I wish I hadn't come home. I don't feel like talking to anybody or going anywhere. All I do is cry, and feel lost. Jo - marg
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Re: Now what?

Hey Jo-Marg You arent alone ... you have us!! I know its not the same but it is something. It is hard when you are grieving to not have any family support and they probably have no clue as to how you are feeling. Difficult when the rest of you family is in england? What part of england are you from? I lived in Patcham which is close to Brighton and my grandies lived in Brighton. Have rellies spread all over and hopefully will go back at some stage to see everyone. :) Hugsss Julie
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