Brain cancer

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Brain cancer


my mum was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer October 2022. Moving forward to day. Treatment was stopped about September last year. Now mum has no mobility and is off with the fairies. 
I don’t know how to tell when the time is near. I want to take time off before she passes but don’t know if it’s months or weeks. Is anyone able to chat about their experience?

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Re: Brain cancer

Hi Kitty2024
Sorry to hear about your mum.  It's tough with so many unknowns and everyone is different.  My beautiful mum died from brain cancer (primary) back in 2008 when she was aged 49 years.  She went into hospice care for the last 10 weeks.  Towards the end she was sleeping most of the time.  She couldn't get out bed and hardly opened her eyes. I do recall the hospice called me to come in because her breathing changed suddenly.  She was breathing really rapidly.  I knew it was time then so I stayed with her until she passed away which was around 4am after over 24 hours of very fast breathing. She was given morphine which slowed her breathing right down and then she just stopped breathing. 
You may find this website helpful as it lists the symptoms for end stage. I recall looking for similar information at the time.
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