Disappointment with ED visit


Disappointment with ED visit

Hi, My husband has stage 4 Oesophageal cancer, diagnosed early 2023. He is on immuno therapy which so far is helping, but the last week he has been having high temps with recommendations to visit ED. Today we did visit ED, and we walked out. I know there are long waits in ED, but we arrived 8:45 and went through triage fairly quickly. We were called through to see a Dr at about 10am and left at 12:30 and not one doctor came to see us. Everyone who came after us were visited by a doctor, and it was like we were the lowest priority. We were patient and not complaining, and were told there were other emergencies. My husband was very uncomfortable on the beds, could not eat and felt he would be better off at home. I don't understand the hospital system anymore, I feel those that complain get a higher priority which makes me feel really sad and undervalued.

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Re: Disappointment with ED visit

I'm new to this forum and this was the first post I saw, so I don't have heaps I can say other than that you have my sympathies. ED can be so hit and miss, especially depending on how busy it is. Also, my husband is an ED nurse and he says that there have been some ED closures lately meaning that the open EDs are busier. (We are in Victoria, not sure where you are, but it's likely to be the same Australia-wide.)


That said, I'm so sorry that happened to you. Feeling like you're being forgotten and ignored is awful even at the best of times, which this obviously is not. I hope your husband was able to feel better at home. My dad also has throat cancer (hypopharyngeal) so I know how hard it can be with the struggle to eat.


I'm sure you already have ideas on dealing with high temperatures and difficulty eating, plus you have a year more experience than me,  so I won't offer suggestions unless you ask. But you definitely deserved to be treated better than that, and I hope that if you have to go to ED again it is a better experience.

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