Where to find Biohazard Cleaning Services in Tewantin to help a cancer patient

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Where to find Biohazard Cleaning Services in Tewantin to help a cancer patient

Hi everyone,


My ex husband has terminal cancer and is currently in the hospital. He can no longer receiving surgery or any other cancer treatment as his cancer has metastasis. He has lived alone for the last 12 years and refused any help. I don't live in Australia but I call him everyday and visited him when he was first diagnosed with cancer.


He has been renting a room from a family in Tewantin. Last week, he was taken to the hospital by the ambulance. His bedroom has been contaminated with blood and urine. The people he shares a house with have been asking me to be responsible for this. They have been complaining about how terrible the smell is and how unhealthy this has caused their family. They also want him to move out.


I have spent the last 8 days making phone calls and sending emails to many companies that deal with biohazard cleanups. One company responded and asked me to send pictures of the room. I live outside Australia and asked the people in the house to help taking picture - they refused to open his bedroom door , saying they wouldn't open it because they didn't want to get contaminated.


I also tried to get help from people who are called 'friends' & other family members (of his) but I am sure they are ghosting him (my ex husband). I love him dearly and do not want to give up.


Can anyone in here help me by sharing his/her experience? I only need to get to someone/business that can help removing his mattress and clean up the room? I am sure there are ways to get this done. 

I believe in helping others and there are still kind people out there.

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