Caregiver to husband with metastatic uveal Melanoma

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Caregiver to husband with metastatic uveal Melanoma

My husband was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in September metastasized to his liver in November 2017. We live in Florida but go to Miami for his eye treatment every 8 weeks. We also were in a clinical trial at Jefferson University Philadelphia since October 2014. He has had immunoembolization procedures which stopped working and is now on microspheres embolization to his liver. We go to Philadelphia very frequently. My husband is an angry, controlling man who has become very difficult to live with. No matter what I do, it is not enough..I have a German Shepherd puppy one year old who brings me joy..he is jealous of that. My health has suffered lately from all the stress. I am a strong Christian and try to cope when this as best I would be great to have an enjoyable day..without listening to his constant complaints. He thinks he makes up for it by buying  me things online that I don’t need..I just want peace and a little bit of consideration from him. This is the first time in 4 years I have ever gone online for this subject. I pray everyday that things will be better tomorrow 

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Re: Caregiver to husband with metastatic uveal Melanoma

Hi @Gloria, how are you travelling today?


I am very glad you have your pup for company! 


Regarding your husband, was he like this before the cancer? Has there been any sign of it spreading into his brain by any chance? or has this been looked at?


I was just reading this page by the Ocular Melanoma Foundation (based in the USA). It mentions the liver as being the most common site for the cancer to spread, but after this it says that the brain (along with bones and lungs) are the next common. If it isn't on the radar, may I suggest you ask at his next oncologist's visit?


We're an Australian organisation, so the resources below are Australian but I think will still help you somewhat as cancer, emotions and relationships,  are definitely universal:

Let us know how you get on Heart


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