Caring from the other side of the world

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Caring from the other side of the world

Hello everyone. I have joined this group as I have a family member in AU that has Brain Cancer, they have had surgery and radiation treatment. They are coping (or not) mainly alone, and I am desperate to help them with getting back into the world. As i don't live in AU i'm struggling to help. I am hoping to get some pointers on here to enable me to help them.
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Re: Caring from the other side of the world

Hi Alta My husband has just recently come out of hospital after 4 months when our world was turned upside down with a diagnosis of cancer. We had to go to Melb to Peter Mac (fantastic and dedicated people) but this meant we were not home with friends and neighbours for 4 months. I am answering your query because although family was a fantastic support I tried not to bother them to much with the daily shocks and yes they seem to come daily thick and fast. It was my friends at the end of the telephone I was able to vent with. I think it was the distance that helped I could unload while they listened and listened. I knew they wouldn't jump in a car and drive down unless I asked which I didn't as it was listening ears I needed and visitors I didn't need. After venting and a good cry I could face the next day of unexpected dramas with more equilibrium. So don't downplay the importance of the listening voice at the end of the telephone it is often just what is needed. xxx Denise
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