Chemo, is this as effective?

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Chemo, is this as effective?

My husband has developed some nerve issues since he had his surgery for stage 3 colon cancer. He hasn't even started chemo yet.  Since the oxaliplatin causes neuropathy the oncologist doesn't want to do that right now, she wants to start with only the 5-fu until the neurologist figures out what his nerve thing is. 

Now he is even more afraid that the cancer will come back without having both chemo drugs. Is that the case, will there be a higher risk of that? 

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Re: Chemo, is this as effective?

Hello Worriedwife,


5- fu is fluorouracil right? That's an chemotherapy drug, so he is not completely without treatment. It sounds like the doctor just wants to be careful as not to cause any potential damage.


Cancer is difficult to predict, so there's no real answer to that as some people can be on many treatments and it still might occur rarely. While others will be on none and nothing occurs. 

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