Don't know what to do.

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Don't know what to do.

Hi my partner has secondary cancer in his lung and is on a trial of a new drug. All has been going well for him on the meds but lately he has become so negative about everything, he has always been quite a negative person but lately he has become so much worse and can't even watch tv without ranting about how bad the show is or how wrong something is . I havn't heard him say a positive thing for ages and it is getting me down. I feel bad for feeling like i do at the moment but I can't handle it. I am finding it so hard to cope with so much negativity. Anyone got any ideas to help me? I'm willing to try almost anything to make him see what he is doing, it can't be helping him at all. I suffer with with depression and have most of my life so don't need him making me feel like I do at the moment. It might sound harsh and like I only care for myself but that's not the case at all. I love him dearly and want what time we have left to be as good as we can make it but it can't be a one sided thing. He dosn't like me going to his appointment with him and dosn't tell me what is going on with him. If I don't insist on going with him I don't get to know anything. He tells me knowing the results of scans and tests dosn't help him get better so he dosn't want to know anything, I ask the doctors to tell me and he leaves the room. The trouble is I tell his parents the results ( mostly good results I might add) as they want to know as well and he gets angry if any one says anything to him about it. I just want to be there for him but he is making it so hard for me. I can't talk to him about how I feel, I have tried but it always ends in an argument and then I feel worse and he gets grumpier, if that's possible. And ideas on who to talk to or what I can try to make him a little more positive.
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