Emotional Rollercoaster Mum has terminal Breast / Lung Cancer

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Emotional Rollercoaster Mum has terminal Breast / Lung Cancer

My mother (79) has been fighting cancer for 2.5 years after having a mastectomy then chemo & radio therapy they discovered nodules on her lung same site where breast was removed from. The doctors have advised my mother that there is nothing further they can do but to keep her comfortable as the nodules are inoperable. And she has become breathless she has oxygen if needed. Mum has been in & out of hospital for the past 4 months but tomorrow they discharge her to go home for my step father to care for & palliative care to come in to assist her. I think my parents have been keeping details from me as to not worry me. My step father called me last Friday to tell me that mum was terminal. I've been a train wreck or a Rollercoaster of mixed emotions. The initial shock that's she's not going to get better & is going home to die is just too hard to comprehend it feels so surreal. It's just so hard to see her go from such a strong willed vibrant women to this. I've come to this support group in hope of getting some support. Thank you Claudia
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