External Support?

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External Support?

Hi Community,


My father was recently diagnosed with GBM grade 4.. and they've given him up to a year with treatment..


This comes as a shock to the family and we're trying to put in place some support which is hard since he was super independent.


Are there any services out there which provide carer facilites to remind him to take the tablets at specific times if we're not available? Transport to and from Radiotherapy?


Thanks for taking the time out to read..



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Re: External Support?

Hi Alex,


I'm sorry to hear of your Father's cancer.  


I use my mobile phone for reminders for my medication throughout the day.  I find it very helpful.  You can also have the pharmacist put the medication into a Webster Pack.  This has all the necessary meds put into a blister pack  ready for taking a specific times of the day.  


As to transport - perhaps your father can be assessed for patient transport through the hospital or Community Health Centre.  These are all worth looking into.  Be sure to have him connect with his Palliative Care Nurse as she/he could provide alot more information with regards to things that would be available to him for his ongoing care.


All the best






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