Food for People who have had radiation on neck and tongue

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Food for People who have had radiation on neck and tongue

Hi My name is Wendy in Novemeber 2010 my husband was diagnosed with tongue and neck cancer he went through 8 weeks of radiation and chemo. We then waited the obligatory 3 months for the scan to advise if the cancer was gone then told that yes it had gone in the neck and tongue but had now spread to lungs, clavical, back and various lymph nodes. This was crushing news as we were given 6 - 9 months. Is there anyone out there who could give me some experience as regards eating as he has no/and or terrible taste. Each day his taste changes as some days everything is too sweet other days he cannot taste anything/ or the first 3 mouthfuls are OK and then it tastes terrible. We have gone though periods of soups were Ok, then anything with eggs, we are now on cereals alone. He will take sustagen but not ensure. I am at my wits end - the poor guy is dying and he cannot enjoy food or even drink a beer or glass of wine. Is there anyone who can help? Regards Wendy
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