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Hi all, Just intoducing myself...where to start.... I've held off joining any of these groups since my "family" was diagnosed in 2008...i say family because even though the disease only targets one members body, it effects everyone and everything close to them. My stepfather was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma back in 2008 and its been a rollercoaster of a ride ever since. From Chemo to back to back Stem Cell transplants to now Rivlamid and Dexmethasone... Really i'm not here for me, i'm here to find ways to support him and my Mum better...unfortunately i moved interstate 18months ago and its been tough not being an hour down the road anymore, and flights from the NT back to QLD are not the most reasonably priced to make visiting often a reality... Anyway I digress, enough babbling it was just meant to be Hello!
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hey there. I am new to this site also. Trying to get along supporting my family through this journey as well. Can't hold back on the bitterness seeping from my every pours. Take care Jod3s and if it helps, there are those out here in cyber space with you in their thoughts.
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