How can I support my husband whose mum is dying


How can I support my husband whose mum is dying

I am Australian but my husband is Ukrainian. He is the only child and only surviving member of his mums family. She has just been diagnosed with Liver Cancer. She is also all the way in the Ukraine. It seems like it is secondary. I have also been retrenched and my husband hasn’t been able to find work. It feels like we have so many stresses and I have no idea how to support my husband and survive normal day to day things like paying bills.

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Re: How can I support my husband whose mum is dying

Hi Josiesther,


I'm sorry to hear that you and your husband are going through some difficult times but please remember this is temporary as things in life always improve eventually. Your husband sounds like he is already being supported by an strong and dedicated individual, you simply seeking additional advice clearly displays such an thing.


Support can come in many ways, some are:


- Emotional Support: To support someone you make yourself available to them and allow the person to know that your there, whenever they feel ready to speak. The topic of general illness can be very difficult for many to approach. (Your already doing this but others might hopefully find it useful in the future).


- Physical affection: The simple act of basic affection is an powerful thing and comforting for a person's psychology. E.g. hugging, holding hands, cuddling and etc.


- Use of words: Display affection with using language, saying 'I love you' or complimenting them can be mentally empowering to hear.


- Find activities or hobbies you can do together. E.g. Take a walk along the water front, go to a library and enjoy reading the books together, discuss the small things in life - news, funny stories about your childhood or life, memories about his mother and etc. Go for a picnic or enjoy the stars at night. The activity is up to you.


- Attempt to focus on the small positives in life than the negatives as it's easy to fall into such traps.


As for financial difficulties, perhaps try contacting Centrelink or The cancer council. They might be able to assist or redirect to an funding source? There's no harm in trying.


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