Husband with lung cancer

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Husband with lung cancer

My husband has just been diagnosed with metastic lung cancer, he also has leukemia.  He is so angry and mean that he is pushing everyone away.  I just don’tkniw How to cope.  On occasion he gets manic.  He is so stubborn about taking meds for his mood swings.  He is on eliquois for blood clots too.  He has a lot to be frustrated about, but he is using me as a punching bag.  He keeps saying it would be better if he just died!  I am at a loss  what to do!  Help,  I am so sad and nervous.....

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Re: Husband with lung cancer

If your husband needs medication to control his mood swing and is not taking them ,it makes the situation much more difficult,he is not being fair to you or himself,if his moods are helped by meds ,have a chat with your GP or medical team they may be able to reason with him,he will be hurting inside about the future,but it does not help with anger and lashing out ,we all process bad news differently,I hope a carer who has faced what you are going through can share some advice on what helped them.


Dont neglect your own physical and mental health also.

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