Is this the beginning of the down hill run please?


Is this the beginning of the down hill run please?

Hugs to all of youwonderful people.


My stepson has stage 4 bowel cancer. Diagnosed in July last year he is now up his 15th round of chemo. At his 12th his scans showed some had shrunk a little and the primary had stayed the same.


He has been managing physically very well, although he isn't working or helping at home. He is 35 and lives with his Dad and I.


He has said this last lot of chemo has impacted him for longer this time. The mouth ulcers haven't cleared up fully, as before, he has leg pain. (no clots). His appetite has not recovered overly well this time either.


Can anyone say whether his body is starting to wear out or could this be a glitch


Thank you

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Re: Is this the beginning of the down hill run please?



Chemotherapy can affect people, very differently and each treatment can create new effects or worsen current ones. It generally depends on the type of chemo, dosage and the duration of explosure. Some effects just take longer to heal over time and thus overlap when another treatment is given. But this is all speculation, I recommend that you speak with your treating doctor.

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