Just so alone and helpless

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Just so alone and helpless

Son early 30s diagnosed 8 years ago, leukemia, does not want chemo, has been sent home to die at least 5 times. Now he is very low on energy, lots of pain. What to do ? How do I help him ? Specialist appears to hate him. Too ill to change hospital. Currently at home. Waiting to die ? 

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Re: Just so alone and helpless

Hi @Buddyjo, how are you doing today? And how is your son?


Have you given our team on 13 11 20 a call at all? They are best placed to offer advice and recommendations on next steps, especially with regards to your son's specialist.


Not sure if you are aware, but we also run a Telephone Support Group nationally out of Sydney for people who are caring for someone with cancer, which is free and runs twice a month over the phone. I think this would be a good option for yourself to get some support Heart 


You can call the team directly on 1300 755 632  or send me an email onlinecommunity@nswcc.org.au with your name and phone number, and I'd be happy to have one of them give you a call.

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