Losing it with the Dr's and Specialists

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Losing it with the Dr's and Specialists

My partner has finished his treatment. 60 days in hospital for treatment tha was supposed to be as an outpatient. We now just have to wait on the PET scan that should be done mid September. His Radiation Oncologist has retired and wasn't very helpful from the start. We had no one to ask questions of during treatment. The chemo oncologist is retiring too. He was fantastic but Radiation was the main treatment so we can't really go to him and expect him to answer our questions. Radiation was done through the public system, chemo through the private. We were given no choice. Now we're coming up against the problem of the public sector not talking to the private. The ENT who diagnosed the cancer saying that a PET scan isn't required to see how the cancer reacted despite lymph node involvement. I have been advocating for my partner so hard. I'm coming across as a know it all, interfering problem maker but I just want the best for my partner. I'm at my wits end. I've just finished having a panic attack and melt down as I feel like I'm getting nowhere with this ridiculous 'system' and beauracracy. I just don't have the energy to follow up any more. I have depression and anxiety and possible PTSD from all of this. How do people cope doing this? I feel like giving up but I won't because I am doing the right thing. What's even the point of having private health insurance? Has caused more problems and hoops to jump through than having gone through the public system. It's bloody ridiculous that I as my partners carer should be battling mental health issues caused and worsened by our joke of a health system! Looks like I'm going to end up in hospital myself very soon because I can't keep advocating and getting nowhere. Anybody else having or have had these difficulties? Thanks for reading my rant. I don't want this to happen to anybody else!
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