Lymphoma brain cancer

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Lymphoma brain cancer

Hi im bob my partne was diagnosed with lymphoma brain cancer Nov 2016 he is 71 yrs old and has since had chemo and radiation treatment and is now in remission. it's been a long process and has taken it out of him and me..he used to drive and was very independent but now he complains of fatigue tiredness no energy. he doesnt want to go anywere just sits infont of the tv all day.he doesn't get washed or dressed stays in his pyjamas .he makes his own breakfast as im still working but im home to make his lunch and dinner but my partner is stuck in a grove and i cant get him out of it..any suggestions please..

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Re: Lymphoma brain cancer

Hi @Bob58,


How are you and your partner doing today?


Are there any special things that your partner likes or liked doing? Perhaps something simple like a board game (I personally am partial to Scrabble and Triominoes!) or a book to read to him? Perhaps there's something on locally at the library or a museum that might interest him?


We also have a telephone support group for carer's that we run nationally, I think might be of interest to you. Shoot an email over to, just say Kate referred you - we all sit near each other here in the office. Sometimes talking to other carers can be the best thing, as they have either been or are in a similar situation to your own.




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