Metastasised Prostate cancer


Metastasised Prostate cancer

Hi everyone ❤️ My dad has been battling prostate cancer since 2009. Surgery, 2x radiotherapy, 2x rounds of hormone treatment. The last round of hormones has failed and after many tests it has been found that it has metastasised (spread). I don’t know the details as yet as we have the oncology appt on Monday. However my dad was recently in hospital. He was severely jaundiced. They found that lymph nodes has blocked the bile duct and had to surgically put a stent in. He hasn’t really improved since. He’s not yellow anymore but no appetite at all, sometimes nauseous and no energy. He used to be very active so is struggling with the lethargy. He can’t eat. No appetite or nauseous. The more I Google the more it seems like this is the end of the road 😥  the sleeping all the time, not eating, not drinking. He’s lost 14kgs and looks like a very sick man now. Has anyone been in the same situation and has it improved? The oncologist was going to look at chemo as an option on Monday but once I get my dad there I’m afraid they’ll say there’s nothing they can do

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Re: Metastasised Prostate cancer

How very sad for you and for him😰. It's so hard to watch and not know how to help. One of my friends has prostrate cancer (not yet confirmed but there is a shadow on the xray). It is disheartening to hear your Dad's surgery failed to remove all the cancer. Did he have all the prostrate removed or just relevant bits cut out? I wonder which is the safer option

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