My Husband Has Colorectal Cancer at 32 Years Old

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My Husband Has Colorectal Cancer at 32 Years Old

Hi Everyone, 


Quick rundown, my husband who is 32 years old, was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in January this year. Since then, he has undergone 5 Weeks of combined Chemo and Radiation for five days a week. He had the Chemo tablets so as he could do this at home. 


Yesterday after seeing the Surgeon, we have scheduled in the MRI to check on the progress of all of this. His cancer was pretty large in size and very low down. It was pushing very close to his Prostate, and is too close to the muscles at the very bottom of his Rectum, which would make it a very complicated surgery and would lead to him having a permanent Colostomy bag if they couldnt shrink enough for surgery.  As well as showing concern of spreading to the prostate. We have to wait for the MRI to know if this is the case or not.


His surgery is scheduled for May. After which he will undergo 6months of Chemotherapy - A stronger dose, some of which will be administered via IV. We were told that when he undergoes this Chemo, he will have to wear gloves when handling our newborn (Due Sept 1st). Unless of course we wrap the baby well, and keep from any skin to skin contact. 


Now I am not sure if anyone else has undergone anything like this, but it dawned on me today that maybe I should have asked if he can be present at the birth? We dont know how he will be feeling during this round of Chemo, but now I need to ask the question . 


We already have a 16month old daughter. And I have been carrying the weight for everything around the house, with our daughter as well as going to work and being pregnant as my husband has been unwell.  The forward moving knowing I will need to continue this up to January 2020 is going to be exhausting. 


I do feel so alone though. Although we have my husbands family, however I struggle with them alot of the time. All my fmaily are overseas in the UK. I am here alone. 


This cancer deal is truly hard work for all those involved. 

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Re: My Husband Has Colorectal Cancer at 32 Years Old

Hello there,


I understand how stressful the whole situation can be, many of us on here have experienced something to the effect. Whether emotional or financial but there is assistance out there and support for people. Your never really truly alone even if it may feel like so.


I'm sorry to hear about your husband, treatment periods are usually the most bustling of times. But of course, everyone is different and it can greatly vary from person to person. There is no real way to know how someone will response to their treatments. But if your unsure about certain things, it always best to ask your treating doctor and take it day to day.


Here are some suggestions, I'm putting in anything that might assist and if not, there are many other wonderful people who can advise as well.


* Contact the social worker at your treating hospital and see what services are currently available, to assist you. (Try the cancer council as well, just to see).


* Seek additional/continue support from your husband's family or request someone from yours, to come and help for an while. (Seek help from an friend).


* Contact the cancer council for local support groups.


Cancer Council 13 11 20 is a free, confidential telephone information and support service run by Cancer Councils in each state and territory. If you have a question about cancer, or if you're seeking emotional or practical support, call 13 11 20 to speak to our specially trained staff.

Or visit their website for more information?


* There is 1300MHCALL (1300 64 22 55) - Mental Health Services Access. They are able to provide information regarding supportive services and etc. You could even call them and find what services/groups are available.

* Talk on here, everyone always love to listen and help.


* Maybe centrelink might be able to assist with some form of carer's payment. No harm in checking.


I hope something was able to help and remember, your never alone. You have family, friends, general support and us on here too!

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