My Mum diagnosed with aggressive Brain Tumor

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My Mum diagnosed with aggressive Brain Tumor

My 75 year old Mum has just been diagnosed with a 3.5cm brain Tumour last Thursday and on Friday she had a massive stroke.

My sister and I have been working through stroke recovery. She has finally come home today and we are going on Friday to discuss radiation and chemo. She also has heart problems which means that her blood thinners could cause the Tumor to bleed in which case there is nothing they can do. 

I live in Sydney and Mum is in Queensland, so I am struggling with how to manage and deal with it all. 

We have been told it will be months not years, which is hard to accept.

Have any of you dealt with living interstate and trying to manage it? 

I’m feeling very overwhelmed. 

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Re: My Mum diagnosed with aggressive Brain Tumor

Hi @DaisyD and welcome.


Sorry to hear of your Mum's diagnosis and subsequent stroke, I do hope she is recovering well Heart


How did her appointment go today? It must be incredibly hard for you being interstate.


Has anyone here had any experience with a family member with cancer that has lived some distance away? If so, have you any insights regarding managing everything from afar that could help DaisyD?


Cancer Council Team

Re: My Mum diagnosed with aggressive Brain Tumor

Here are also some resources that may help you @DaisyD 


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