My dad 60M got diagnosed with liver cancer today, Im devastated & looking for anything that can help

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My dad 60M got diagnosed with liver cancer today, Im devastated & looking for anything that can help

My lovely dad (60 y.o male, 5'10" tall, 78 kg weight, doesn't smoke and doesn't drink, previously had Hepatitis B) who's always been my role model and hero in life got diagnosed with sarcamatoid carcinoma starting from liver and spread all over his body (Stage 4 liver cancer). It started when a careless doctor performed a blood transfusion when my dad had an accident a few years ago and needed operation on his leg and the injected blood had a virus for Hepatitis B. We believe the cancer cells come from this liver infection of Hep B.

He currently has Jaundice and a bloated stomach and cancer treatment can't start unless Jaundice goes away first. The doctor told him about his diagnosis and he seems to have lost all his fight. How do I help him feel better? I can't think straight but I want to do anything and everything I possibly can to help him get through this. The doctor's plan is to cure the Jaundice ASAP and start chemo treatment.

Please people of reddit, tell me what I can do? He is already admitted in one of the best hospitals in my city but I want to move him to the best cancer facility in the world; So where is that?


Re: My dad 60M got diagnosed with liver cancer today, Im devastated & looking for anything that

All hospitals pretty much follow the same sort of procedures/treatments for care which have worked the most successful for previous patients.  That being said - it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion from another doctor/oncologist or such if something doesn't sit right with you.


Has the doctor done a biopsy/test for genetic mutations on the cancer yet? Potentially your dad might be a candidate for immunotherapy which at the very least can help even the odds against cancer a bit. Also has the doctor recommended a particular diet to perhaps take that might be easier on his liver for the time being?  Some questions that I find helpful to ask if  "What are the potential side effects of this and can they be treated?" and most importantly "How will this affect his quality of life?"


It can help to keep a notebook and record questions, information, symptoms, research that you might want to do (and always make sure to check it with other credible resources!).

Something to hopefully get you started if you should choose to :  General Resources.


My mother and I are currently enjoying looking through a book called "Cancer Survival Strategies by Dr Sandra Cabot"  which you might find useful .  (Though if you do, confirm with the doctor/oncologist that doing any particular things mentioned in the book won't interfere with his treatments!)


But really? Just be there for him and your family. Let him know that you're there to support him but also do things like tell him about your day and anything else that may be of interest. Keep him in the loop and keep him connected when he's feeling up to it.


Most importantly though - look after yourself too and don't overdo it. Seek help if things get too rough (nothing wrong with needing back up!) and let yourself go through any emotions that you may have. They're all the right emotions to have because they're your emotions.


Wishing you and your dad all the best.




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