Shaking whilst asleep

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Shaking whilst asleep

Has anyone had experience with or know if it is usual for cancer patient undergoing chemo to shake and make small moaning sounds, mainly whilst asleep.  My husband started these things about month age.  He has no knowledge of the moaning sounds, some nights I hwear ear plugs to try to block out the sound.  He tells me that he finds he shakes, mainly his arms and hands, quite often now and just accepts this as normal.  Couple of times it has got some bad the bed has shaken.   Is this normal?  If so, does any one know what causes it?

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Re: Shaking whilst asleep


My partner did have the shakes even after he finished his chemo. It can cause nerve damage unfortunately.

He often used to moan in his sleep also but he had a lot of pain.....

Cancer is so cruel.

I wish you both the best

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