My dads got cancer

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My dads got cancer

Hi all, so my dad(79) has got cancer and is about to go into hospital to have 2 cancers remover, it’s in the lining between his prostate and his bowel, he is going to have immunotherapy after they are removed, I have no idea what we are in for, my mum(76) has a walker, so she will do her best to help no doubt and I know she is scared but she is trying to keep a brave face, can someone please give me a phone number I can ring for support, i have been doing my homework, but I have questions, I tried ringing the hospital to get some info, but seeing staff are overworked, I got passed around.

any information would be greatly appreciated 

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Re: My dads got cancer

Hi Schoza

I would suggest to call Cancer Council information and support number 13 11 20, to find out how can we help you.


Kind regards


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Re: My dads got cancer

Yes definitely ring the cancer council. They are so helpful and kind. So sorry about your dad. It can be overwhelming so get all the help you need for your family. 🥰🙏 Linda G

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