My story, my advice.

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My story, my advice.

Hello All,


I would never usually do this but I feel that it's essential for future individuals, who may find this post, to perhaps learn something from my personal experience. This story, this information? Was received, experienced and learnt from my time fighting for my mother.


If you ever feel that your hospital is not doing enough: Don't be afraid to transfer to an different hospital, this is completely your right to do so. Don't be afraid to seek an first, second or third opinion, if you must. Do what is best for you.


*Ensure that the hospital does transfer your files over but please don't harass them.  


*Find the right doctor for you. This can open up more opportunities for you, like it did for us nearly every time. (It's better if their at different hospitals tho & you can change hospitals more than once. Ignore  any unwanted comments from nursing or adminstration staff as we had too).


*Don't be afraid to ask for an change of medication, especially if the effects are too damaging or negative for you.


*You can ask for certain medical supplies from hospitals or receive free samples from companies if they allow it. E.g. Stoma bags and things like that.


*Some hospitals have special parking areas for cancer patients and will sometimes even offer an discount on the parking fee.  


*You can contact the cancer council and ask what doctors they can recommend. We did this as my mother had an very very rare cancer.


*Pallivate care do not resuscitate.


Personal experience: Hospital A couldn't do radiotherapy but after an transfer to Hospital B, they gladly did it with no issues. Their parking was $30 cheaper and their waiting times to see the doctor was much quicker.


This is based on my experience.

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Re: My story, my advice.

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