Partner diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer

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Partner diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer



In September 2018 my partner was diagnosed with Stage 3a lung carsenosarcoma cancer. She underwent a gruelling treatment of chemo and radiotherapy, followed by successful surgery in December.


She was recovering well, but had a stroke in May that was diagnosed as a brain met, changing her diagnosis to stage 4.


She's had another successful surgery, but now we're terrified about further mets or reoccurrences. 


Has anyone got any similar, positive stories that we can take comfort from please?

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Re: Partner diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer

Hi Maxnutter,


Really, once you're stage 4, in my opinion, I think the worst is over, mentally anyway.  What I mean is that people tend to hope things don't progress to that level because they think they're going to die.  Well yes, you will die, but it might be years down the track, or it might not even be the cancer that gets you.  I suppose my overall point is that there's no use in worrying about it as the stage 4 point has already been reached, so you might as well get on, as best you can, with enjoying the life you have left.  


Counselling (in one form or another), can do wonders, along with meditation & finding some form of relaxation activity to take your mind off things.   Try not to dwell on negatives, but always find a positive from each day.  Every day you wake up is a good day.  😊


Take care



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Re: Partner diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer

Hi there Maxnutter,


I am sorry to hear about some of the recent news that was received but it’s good to see that another surgery went well.


As a general rule cancer that has spread can be awkward to treat. Treatment can help assist shrink or control them; it’s a delicate balancing act and your doctors will select the best treatment plan available for you. (Remember you can always get a second opinion and everyone is different). I’ve heard different stories but that’s either here nor there.


Please keep us up to date, if you like - whether it's manyy years from now or so. The forums are here.


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