Please help me

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Please help me

hi my boyfriend just told me that his father has just gotten another form of cancer. i do not know how to handle this especially since... not only is he the typical australian male that doesnt talk feelings but he is also the type to run away. Every problem, he runs away. TO illustrate how blind he is to all of this... he told me he found out his dad has cancer and that he is seriously thinkin of studying in sydney now... while his dad is sick and dying... it is not because he is insensitive but this is just how he deals and he sees no harm in is so hard to talk to him... i do not even know what other form of cancer his dad has, how long his dad has to live etcetc i just want to be able to tell him to stop avoiding is problems and that if he leaves, he will regret it and that his dad will b greatly saddened... im just not sure how to bring it up... also, i dont know what to say to him to make him feel better...please helplove js
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