Preparing for the stages


Preparing for the stages

Hi, I am a sudden carer for my brother Jason who has been diagnosed with advanced small cell lung cancer with extensive brain mets. The change in our life has all happened so fast! One thing I have yet to get a handle on is how the care from home to hospice actually works. I am connected in with the local palliative community nurses - so it is something I plan to ask about in some detail - but I was wondering if others might have some advice and insight. Thank you. 

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Re: Preparing for the stages


Sorry to hear about your brother. 

Over 5 years ago we brought my mom to our house so she could finish her few months around family. 

It's definitely not easy.  Fortunately my wife and I had enough other plus great help from the nurses. At the time I wasn't very close to my mom. I really wasn't even a good son either. Its a long story my I wasn't. 

In the end I loved her. I'm very thankful that she was at my house by the time she passed. 

Best of luck to you and your family. 

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