Providing Care options for your loved one


Providing Care options for your loved one

My beautiful sister was diagnosed in January 2019 with Brain Cancer. Her prognosis is terminal and her condition has deteriorated significantly. The family have been caring for her as well as balancing work and their family needs. She has no mobility, difficulty swollowing and unable to perform any personal care. Last week we placed her in pallative care following a couple of severe turns and unable to move her around the home. She has now been determined to not be in the end of life cycle at the moment and we have been told to organise a nursing home in the interim. We dont have the money or the time to sell her home to pay the required fees for the nursing home. What options are available if you are unable to care for your loved one in their own home?

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Re: Providing Care options for your loved one

Morning @Sue64,


So sorry to hear of your sister's diagnosis, how are all of you doing this week?


Palliative care can't kick your sister out and are hopefully working with you to find a resolution. Can I recommend you give 13 11 20 a call and have a chat with our information and support consultants? They may be able to help or know of services that can assist in the local area.


Has anyone else here had to look at options once you're no longer to care for your loved ones at home?



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