New diagnosis.

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New diagnosis.

hi everyone.

i have had endometrial cancer stage 1a and come thru the other side.  6 years free on 2 September.  My mum has lung cancer [6x2cm].   She has secondaries in liver and in hip [size 11x3cm].  She also has cancerous lesions on the spine.  

‘Radiation been done on spine and hip.  Not seeing oncologist til mid June.  

‘I am a nurse and realistic to know that we are in a no-win situation.  My mum wants to be positive and not consider what her prognosis is.   

‘Being a nurse I want to know.  This is for 2 reasons:

1. So I can plan for me and support mum and dad in the best way

2. Ensure my brother gets here from the uk at the right time.


can anyone offer me what they think may be a prognosis.  

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After oncologist and coping

We saw the oncologist who was honest and said he expected mum to last 4-6 months diagnosis to death.  She’s been bed bound due to spinal secondaries and hip secondaries.  Too much pain to move.  She was diagnosed in May. 


‘My concern is that she looks so well, it’s hard to believe the diagnosis.  My dad wants to get her out of bed now to see if she can weight bear.  


‘’I’m concerned she will damage already weak bones and muscles.  

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Re: After oncologist and coping

Hi Joanne,


My heart goes with you, the confirmed diagnosis must of been  difficult to receive. It's never easy to hear even if on some level it might of been eventually excepted.


Cancer affects everyone differently and sometimes people can appear perfectly healthy as well.


Have you spoken to your doctor regarding your concerns? They would be in the best position to answer this, regarding the bones and muscles.


Do you have a wheel chair at your disposal? Usually someone from palliative care can arrange for a qualified individual to come and review the home, so they can suggest the best options for general daily living.

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