Round 3, different type of cancer

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Round 3, different type of cancer

My husband has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer....well, not exactly diagnosed yet.  20 years ago he fought off non-hodgkins lymphoma - twice. Extensive bone marrow and radiation was carried out and it just seemed to 'disappear'.


I have noticed physical changes in him over the past 6 months (weight loss, body aches, loss of appetite etc) and asked him to go to his doctor for some tests. Apparently they came back clear.


2 weeks ago, he was in so much pain with all of his body aches I called an ambulance. They suspected it was the flu, but an angel of a nurse noticed his platelets were lower than usual, and knowing his history we had a scan where they saw lesions on his pancreas and liver. 


We just had a liver biopsy and are waiting on the results but i honestly fear it is too late for any treatment. He looks terrible (please forgive my wording, I'm not thinking too straight right now). 


I nursed my father through liver cancer for three months before he passed and my husband looks exactly the same as he did. Jaundiced, lack of appetite and he is in constant pain. I'm trying to remain strong and optimistic for him, but it's so hard. As a matter of fact, he's doing the same. We are both being strong for each other and it's killing me every day knowing I am helpless to what's going on.


I'm sorry, I think I just need to get it all out.


Thank you for letting me do this,

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Re: Round 3, different type of cancer

It's okay, we're here if you wish to talk further or just want someone to listen. We'll gladly/want to do both. Please let us know, how everything goes??? 

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