Caring for a cancer sufferer

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Caring for a cancer sufferer


Have been caring for a stoic brave soul for 5 1/2 years. He has stage 4 rectal cancer and has had most of the rectum removed.  His cancer has spread to the liver and some lymph areas and he is still on fortnightly chemo because of this. And he still fights on.

 His main issue is (besides the horrendous side effects of chemo) he can't control his toilet most of the time hence does not get quality sleep. It does not seem to matter what he eats, when he eats, it rushes through him or he binds up. This is wearing him out and tearing me apart watching helplessly.

 I know this sounds impossible, but does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to help him? At the least get some proper sleep. Thank you


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Re: Caring for a cancer sufferer



Unfortunately that is common with cancer that attaches itself to the bowels. If a solid meal tends to blind then an soft and liquid one, does sound like the better option. But you should always check with your acting doctor to advise. Maybe a better catchment system such as a heavy duty adult nappy with an additional slip could help absorb the extra leakeage? Plus a barrier spray to protect the skin from irritation for overnight.


If sleepless nights continue then try seeking some  relaxation medication such as ativan, to assist for a short period of time?


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