Quit my job to be a full time carer

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Quit my job to be a full time carer


I am in my 20s and I have quit my full time job to be a fulltime carer for my single mother who has terminal cancer. She has a prognosis of less then 1 year, I have moved back home to take care of her. At the moment I am struggling to adjust from being indepedant from renting and paying my own bills to carers payment via centrelink. I have a partner who is currently volenteering  overseasa and I am finding it difficult to communicate with him/ this is straining our relationship as I tend to blame him for being unavailable.

Lately I am getting outburst of anger which is not normal, because I simply wake up and don't have a routine, I live day by day depending on my mothers need. I am contemplating getting a part time / casual job just for structure, or joining a pt class at the gym.

My mother had been diagonised 5 years ago with lung cancer and after chemo, radiation the cancer has returned and deemed terminal. I feel like I should be panicing, thinking of funeral cost or even speaking to family memembers about 'when if', to deal with the trauma of when my mother passes less stressful as possible. 

I have never had to go through something like this before and I am really struggling how to cope each day with my emotions. Any advice would be appriciated. Thank you 🙂

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Re: Quit my job to be a full time carer

Hello @artofwar,


I just wanted to check in and see how both yourself and your mother are doing this week.


I sent you an email a few weeks ago, with some information about our Telephone Support Groups and also recommended you contact 13 11 20 and ask about counselling. Did you have a chance to do so?


You may like to listen to this podcast, featuring Julie McCrossin, it's about the importance of caring for the carers and this one is about how best to help someone with cancer. 


Hoping all is well Heart



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