Seeking support groups

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Seeking support groups

Hello everyone,

My mother was diagnosed with agressive stage 4 breast cancer. She was given six months to live. That was 6 years ago now, and since then she has endured countless rounds of chemo, multiple surgeries, radiation and infusions. The cancer has since spread to her bones, chest wall, stomach lining, ovaries, kidneys and liver.


It has been a long time since her diagnosis but just recently my psychologist suggested I try to find a form of support group. You see I am on only child with no extended family and, I have realised, no friends who can understand my position - as much as they are sympathetic and supportive.


So I guess I'm looking for any advice on finding support groups or networks for people whose parents have been diagnosed with terminal cancer and/or are undergoing treatment. Unfortunately, although I was much younger when she was diagnosed, I am now older than 25 and many of the services out there are for under 25s.


If anyone has any suggestions for where or how to seek out this information, I would really appreciate it.






PS. Ideally I'm looking for face-to-face support groups in the Melbourne area.

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Re: Seeking support groups

Hi @Lucinda91!


Did you have any luck with support groups?


Not sure if you're aware but we have telephone-based support groups that we call TSG's, available for people with advanced cancer as well as people who are caring for someone with cancer.


They are usually for 3-8 people, twice a month for an hour. Participation is also flexible, which is great if you have an appointment or are tied up at work and so forth. They are also free.


The team are back on deck from Monday, you can call them directly on 1300 755 632 and leave a message. Alternatively, send me a message with your name and best contact number, and I'll arrange for them to contact you Smiley Happy

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