The difference 10 days can make.


The difference 10 days can make.

Hi all, My darling husband has just spent 10 days at the Ian Gawler Foundation retreat in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. This retreat is specially for Cancer patients and their carers. I chose not to attend for personal reasons and in doing so feel that my husband gained a whole heap more for himself out of the course. He has arrived home with a whole different attitude to life, his dis-ease, family and approach to handling whatever may come his way in the future. It is wonderful to see him smiling again freely and speaking with re-newed vigour about the future. It is amazing what happens when a person actually hears what will benefit them long term. The programme concentrates on meditation, positive thinking, eating regime and the future no matter what the outcome is. He spent 10 days with some amazing people from all over the world and being able to talk with others going through the same thing was wonderful for him. The eating regime will take a little for me to get use too as it is a strict vegan diet but the meditation and re-newed energy is something that I have been trying to support him with since we were diagnosed back in Janurary this year. I am eternally grateful that Ian Gawler had the foresight some years ago to set this up. I would recommend this programme to anybody to feels that they may want a different approach to their dis-ease and wanting to know how to support themselves and their loved ones. There is a website that Ian's story and the foundation's creditianls can be read about. Check it out, the resources are wonderful. I could not recommend it high enough. Colin has not stopped talking about it and this is from a man who is very conservative and mainstream. Good luck to everyone.  
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