Weeks left but still active

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Weeks left but still active

Hi Guys,


My dad was given only weeks to live around 2 weeks ago. He is still up and walking around (with his walker), pottering around in his room (i built in under my house for him).  Even goes to the corner store on his mobility scooter.


He eats a small amount for dinner and sometimes has a snack during the day. 


Since he has moved in with me, i have noticed a decline in his health. He's 36kgs, very weak, tired a lot of the time, gets out of breath very easily, has trouble sleeping even with his sleeping tablets. I now have to put his pants, shoes and socks on. I see the tell tale signs that death may be near. During the day however, he is quite active. 


My question is, can someone be weeks from death and still be quite active? It's worth noting that his oncologist upped his steroid dose to 2 tablets every morning from 1/2 tablet. Is this why he seems to have more energy during the day?

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Re: Weeks left but still active

Hi Cara84,

The steroids will take alot of the joint pain away, especially being increased by 3 times his normal dose, so that could definitely be the reason. It also reduces inflammation.

I am sorry for your Father. I hope he has an easy passing. Having said that, anything is possible & doctors have been known to be wrong. Take care

Best wishes

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Re: Weeks left but still active

Hi @Cara84 

How old is your Dad? My husband's palliative care team have said to me that often younger/fitter patients can be more ambulant up until their last days. My husband is 59 years old.

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Re: Weeks left but still active

This is sad to hear. Hope your Father would rest in a peaceful manner.

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