Worried for my Mum

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Worried for my Mum

Hi Everyone, I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment. My mum was diagnosed with Cancer the 1st March. At this stage they can't be sure what cancer she has exactly, they are tossing up between Bartholins Cancer which has grown to attach to the outer wall of the bowel.. Or Bowel Cancer which has started on the outer wall of the bowel and grown from there. Her scans, etc have come back clear and indicated that at this point she only has the one tumorous mass in the perineum area. We are currently waiting for her appointment with radiology to give her a date to start chemo/radiation. Things were going well, but now all of a sudden her platelet levels have dropped to practically non existent. They've started her on steroids and have her in hospital until they rise to a good level. But the steroids are messing with her blood sugar levels and theyve now had to point her on insulin.. Whilst her platelet levels are rising, they are suddenly talking splenectomy, which I just think sounds so drastic. And sure it would be more beneficial for her to have a spleen in this fight against cancer than no to have it. I feel totally useless at the moment and just wish there was more that I could do. I would give her anything she asks, but there is nothing I can offer to fix this. Thanks everyone, I don't expect any replies it just helps to get this out as there aren't many people I can be totally open with about it all. So thankyou.
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Re: Worried for my Mum

I dont think that your mum would ask for anything other than what you are doing for her at the present. So dont feel useless you are doing all that is required at the moment, and your mum is lucky to have you as her carer. If there is a good point to all of this, it is that from the scans it appears there is no spread. Keep calm and hang in there. wombat4
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