how to give ones partner daily hope

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how to give ones partner daily hope

to find ways to stay focussed and remain positive. staying on top of kids daily issues. telling ones partner that live is wonderful and living daily without big plans. reassuring kids that i will allways be there, as in the dad. also trying to remain strong, do not show emotion which are negative. keep on motorcycling. the only thing i am having trouble with, is the physical side of the relationship
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Re: how to give ones partner daily hope

Hi - I saw your post when I first started looking on this site, and to be honest I had some negative thoughts about the fact that the only thing you were struggling with was the physical side of the relationship. I just wanted to say that I get it now. My husband has a brain tumour and although I struggle with a lot of it, I really didn't want to give up until he started to lose his cognitive awareness, because with this went the fact he is my husband and I am more than just his carer. So, sorry I judged. It's a huge loss when that part of the relationship goes. I hope things are going as well as they can for you and your family. I've got nothing in terms of suggestions, except to say that I can almost pretend things are okay when we spoon in bed at night.
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